We LOVE Solveig.
That’s why it was as clear as glas that we wanted to have Solveig and no other as our personal ambassador for the BIG Active Lifestyle. Solveig hast enchanted us from the first second on with her positive aura, her bright smile and her power. We decided to go into a deep cooperation with her when we had our first tee together.

The big question remained:
How do we not only show that sports can have a positive impact but that you can look good doing it as well? After the motto: Feel good from the inside and outside.

We started «THE BIG TRANSFORMATION EXPERIENCE» where three girls transformed their body feeling with three trainings a weeks with Solveig.

You can check out the full story (in german) here 
BIG loves GIRL POWER and we can’t wait to conquer the world with Solveig <3


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