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by Solveig


If you want to find true success in fitness, you have to be in harmony with your exercise routine. And as success we define in this case to have more energy after a workout, to feel better within ourselves, to feel stronger mentally, and most importantly, to be able to look forward to the next session, because you really and truly enjoy the process. Because you ENJOY THE PROCESS – meaning you love the moves and sweat on the way, you don’t curse yourself, your body, or your coach.

To us, this is the logical way of pursuing a long-lasting good energy workout routine. Everything else is a punishment and you may overthink if you are not too precious to be investing your body, your time and your energy into it.

Sounds nice but NO IDEA how to get there?

Here are 10 key points on how to make it work for you

So you can finally replace that painful workout routine to a fun one!

1. What is your motivation? 

Yes, it always starts with a strong why. WHY is it, that you think you should be working out? Because you think you simply “have to”? Because you have to be in shape? Because you feel ugly and wobbly without it? Because adverts tell teach you that you are more worthy when you are fit and lean?

Good luck with this one – this is working out from a point of fear and lack. How should this motivate you in an energetic positive way?

Rather define a source of wanting to work out from a point of fulfillment, moving towards what you want, not away from what you don’t. Define it for yourself: Do you want to move to gain energy, to fuel your body, to stay healthy, to have strong muscles holding you, to connect with yourself, etc.?


2. Check-in with your inner beliefs

What are your beliefs on working out? Is your approach

“OMG, sweat is death!”

“You just gotta get through it!”

“No pain no gain!”

What identification have you given working out in the past? Are you ready to drop that and start from new? Can you right now, leave behind that program in your mind of sweating being something bad and just open yourself up to creating new beliefs?

Try it. Stay open. Be curious. Find joy. See what happens.


3. Make sure you have enough energy

There is no point if you are trying to build a healthy workout routine if you are not being healthy on the other ends as well. If you don’t have enough energy, no workout in the world will bring you joy.

So, make sure you are feeling well, take care of yourself, drink enough water, eat food that fuels you, sleep enough, detox your mind.

Tune into yourself, what movement would make you feel good?

Are you more the slow type of mover? Do you rather move fast and explosive? Do you like using weights or rather work with your own bodyweight? Does one hour of sweating feel good to you or rather 30 minutes? Do you like keeping your workout clean and sweaty or should it rather include other aspects, such as mental training and meditation?

You don’t know? Try it out, tune into yourself and check in with what gives you most energy.


4. What is your best time?

We all have a different biological rhythm. For some people it feels good to sweat in the morning, for some around noon, for some in the afternoon and for some in the evening or even late at night.

When do you find yourself being physically the fittest during the day? Is there a time where you are mentally not so productive but still feel ready to do things? Is there a good time in the day to take a break from work and give yourself an energy boost?

Again, try it out, tune in and see what works best for you.


5. What is your power setting?

Some people love to go to the gym – others not so much (like me). Some people need the sweaty environment and the decent scent of sweat in the air to get it going and others feel almost paralyzed in it. Some love it at home, others outdoors.

Some need music to get it going, others like the sweat time to be quiet time.

Some are alone sweaters, others need a group to motivate them.

What would be your best workout environment? Yes, we are limited right now, since group classes and gyms are still closed, but if you were to choose from all the other factors, what would they be?


6. What is your number?

Once you have an idea of what your perfect workout would look like and you really tune in with yourself – how many times a week would be good for you? And no, we believe that nobody needs to tell you what the right amount for your body is in order to feel good and energized, not pursuing a body tuning and diet plan. We believe that your body is wise enough to know this and that you have the capacity to dim the outside noises and opinions of experts so much that you can hear your bodies wisdom.

Maybe your body wants one a week, maybe two, maybe three or more. Maybe it is five for some months and then only one in other month.

Dim the opinions and listen to yourself.


7. What are your workout patterns?

We probably all have that specific relationship when it comes to our workout routines. We are all bravely sticking to a specific plan for a couple of weeks and then skip it all or we are really holding on to that routine as if it was our child doing everything to not add any flexibility because we might fail if we did.

Yep, been there done that. Recognizing those patterns can help you develop new ones that feel better, bring joy and a healthy relationship to sweat.


8. Schedule is key

Life is busy – we all try to get it under one hat but honestly – it can be overwhelming. Things come up, we could just get this one task done instead of working out, or our comfort zone with a glass of wine is so tempting as well.

In this case treating your sweat hour like an appointment with your boss can help! Book it into your calendar and don’t look for excuses. But the more aligned you are with your workout, the less tempting distraction becomes. But it can still happen.

Find a balance for yourself between treating your sessions like an appointment and adding healthy flexibility. When you are tuned in, you will know what to do.


9. Recovery is the key principle

Last but not least – and very importantly: no matter how much you love your new schedule, make sure you REST. Take time for yourself, let your body recover. If you desperately want to check in with yourself, tune into a stretch, a meditation or go for a walk. But don’t ask too much from your body. Growth resides in rest – remember this.


And now, have fun exploring what feels good for you and sticking with it. Namaste.

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