How to build a long lasting meditation routine that you will actually stick to Shape by solveig


by Solveig

How to build a long-lasting meditation routine that you will actually stick to

We all know that a daily meditation routine would be very supportive to live happy successful life while staying balanced and peaceful within yourself. In this article we will show you how you can build a long lasting meditation routine that you will actually stick to.

Some of us have already experienced the benefits of meditation and know that THEORETICALLY speaking, having a solid meditation foundation could be life changing.

having a solid meditation foundation could be life changing.

Yes, but just theoretically speaking, right? Because honestly, it is hard to implement something new into our packed daily life because whenever any burden comes up, all newly set intentions are the first being thrown overboard. That’s life – we start something and quit when it becomes uncomfortable and we don’t HAVE TO stick with it.

That’s pretty natural, I guess. That’s what makes us humans human.

The key of picking up something new that is actually meaningful for us and we REALLY want to give a go – is A PLAN.

Yes, I know what you are thinking, but don’t worry. This is not rocket science and doesn’t require to change your life. Not completely at least.


Here is a 7-step guide on how you can give the power of meditation an actual space in your life:


Find a meditation style that suits you. Besides guided mindfulness meditations, that I think are probably the easiest way into it, there are spiritual, mantra, focused, transcendental, and movement meditations.


You don’t need to meditate for one hour straight on – try it with five to ten minutes and see how that feels for you. Quality over quantity please.


Pick a time of the day that feels right for you. You can either meditate in the morning to give you a little clarity and mood boost, at lunch as a sort of meditative super power nap, in the evening to finish the day off in gratitude, or any time in between.


Set up a cozy meditation space that – again – FEELS GOOD. Meditating in between piles of files, sitting on your laptop and having your messy wardrobe right in front of your nose, is probably not the best starting point. Even if our eyes are closed. Rather make yourself a little cozy corner, maybe buy a pretty meditation pillow, arrange some candles if that’s your thing, prepare a journal and a magic pen and send some loving vibes into that tidy me-time space.


Don’t start off with your practice by trying to squeeze it in between of running from the shower to the wardrobe or while making coffee. It’s too precious for that. If you set the intention of starting to meditate, then you may as well do it right and plan smart. If you decide to do it in the morning, get up 15 minutes earlier, if you do it over lunch, replace time on your phone for making time to sit on the pillow. If you do it in the evening, don’t do it while Netflix multitasking.

No matter, when you chose to do it, commit to taking time and if you need to, set it as a fix “don’t quit” appointment in your calendar and don’t let anyone distract you. See it like an appointment with your boss, just more important, because it’s an appointment with yourself and your super power.


Sitting in silence, checking in, making space for yourself, doing “nothing”, can easily be seen as an actual act of doing nothing and therefore feel a bit unproductive. But believe me – it only seems like it, and you shouldn’t get trapped by this. See a meditation break rather as a productive break that will boost your efficiency and energy. There is no waste of time – rather just an elimination of useless time.


The reason we do things is because we have certain expectations to the outcome. We sleep because we expect to have more energy after. We sweat because we expect to feel better after. We eat ice cream because we expect to enjoy the taste, right? But with meditation it might be a little different and we maybe should let go off those expectations of what might be during or after the practice. Every meditation might feel differently, in one you might manage to be really present and in the next, you will find it hard to keep your attention together. THAT IS FINE.

Also, the goal of meditation is not to forget about time and space the first time you meditate, or ever, which is totally fine. So, let go of that misconception as well, give it time & don’t have sky rocking expectations.


Meditation is a very personal journey to explore and nobody can tell you the exact way to go.


It’s all about connecting with yourself, sensing into what is right for you and what isn’t, and just sticking with it.

Following the path though will bring you rewards.

Rewards of being more focused, less reactive, more clear, and more compassionate towards yourself, and others.

Have fun building your meditation routine.

Sending you love.



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