After having joined both, live at Club Bellevue and online, it’s safe to say that it doesn’t matter how or where you take part – #bodymindshape is equally amazing and an experience unlike any other. You can really tell that the #bodymindshape team puts a lot of effort into planning and implementing the online classes. Thanks to Solveig‘s professional guidance, it’s easy to follow the different parts of the workout and the subsequent meditation with enough time to settle in-between. with a good pair of earphones, even the sound quality compares to that of the original in Club Bellevue.

#bodymindshape makes me leave my comfort zone and fully let go of any self-doubts, leaving me feeling empowered and closer to my inner self.

being able to participate in #bodymindshape within my four walls has definitely helped me stay centered and grounded during these times of uncertainty. I hope it will do the same to you!


(I will probably have to ask for another picture, but this will work for now)

The music combined with the exercises matched up to a sort of rhythmic symbiosis in a way that I have never experienced before. It gave the physical workout part an incredibly fun and light touch.

First, I was skeptical regarding the meditation part because I have never meditated before but then I appreciated tuning into the mind, reconnecting with myself, arriving, and taking care of the mind. It felt like a good stretch to the mind.

I’m so excited the digital #bodymindshape version will officially re-launch again very soon an I can’t wait to be back to it!


The online #bodymindshape program is for me the best suitable way of taking care of my physical and mental health. The workout is intense but shows quickly results and you feel fit and confident. In combination with meditation, it enables you to step out of your mind, sort your thoughts and recharge energy. With its flexibility it has helped me personally a lot throughout this unprecedented and challenging time


#bodymindshape really helped me through spring’s quasi-lockdown – physically and mentally. I’m looking forward to sweating and meditating with the girls online again.


The online version of #bodymindshape is perfect for people like me who travel a lot professionally because you are flexible to participate in these beautifully high quality and intense courses and take a break to take care of yourself, wherever you are in this world.

The courses give you the possibility to go „full out“, to release bad energy and tension, and to feel the limits of your body – the after sweat meditation gives you a moment to reenergize with good energy, being thankful, staying focused, leaving you and your body is full of life.


I will always remember the takeaway of my very first #bodymindshape class: „Every step matters. Even if it’s just about one baby step at a time. It makes a difference.” I’ve been appreciating all those steps and the journey that comes along with it ever since. #bodymindshape has taught me to focus on what matters, to take care of myself and to spread this mindful, present and active vibe into the world.




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