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Hi, happy to have you here.

My name is Solveig (pronounced Sol – vey), German origin, raised in Switzerland, based in Zurich.

This page is all about The BODYMINDSHAPE Method – a unique fitness concept that I created with all my love and all my heart. We have been growing in Zurich, Switzerland, for two years and will soon also be available online anytime and anywhere.

If you have been looking for that one different way of working out, that goes beyond burning calories, training your body and equally shapes your happiness and mind, then you are just where you need to be.

Welcome to the journey of yourself.

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#bodymindshape brings me close to myself .It helps me connect with my body , heart and mind.
The feeling you get after #bodymindshape is indescribable, you just want to do it again! with #bodymindshape you don't just train to be fit, it helps you to deal with your mind carousel and to balance yourself.
#bodymindshape is not just a workout , it's something you feel in a heart.


For who is #bodymindshape?

For every woman that is looking for more in their workout, that wish to be mentally strong, who want to experience their true soul and brighten up their beautiful spark. It’s for all women who love music, like to move their bodies, like letting go and become fitter.

I am not very fit. Can I still attend?

Yes, don’t you worry. There are ways of regulating the intensity of the workout yourself and that way it is for ANY FITNESS LEVEL, no matter if you are a total beginner or a fitness pro. We are a loving and open crew and welcome everybody as the way they are.

I have no experience with meditation. Can I still attend?

Yes, there is no experience required. There are only guided meditations that you can practice getting into it by simply doing it. Practice will bring progress and you will notice it in your overall quality of life.

How many trainings should be attended to see results?

Depending on your goals. Joining two trainings a week will bring you the big package of progress in meditation and fitness. Joining one training a week will enable you to build a solid happy and fit foundation.

This all sounds new to me. Is there anything I can compare this to?

Luckily and unfortunately, NO.
#bodymindshape is unique. The concept hasn’t been copied by another concept, and is fully created by Solveig. There is no other combination of music, sweat, high intensity, meditation, and ladies only.

What equipment do I need for the class:

Club Bellevue: due to the currently high hygiene regulations, you are requested to bring your own mat.
Online: a mat, some good ear phones or a good in house audio system

How long is one class?

A #bodymindshape session consists of a high intensity to the beat sweat part, a guided meditation and is 60 minutes long.

Where can I attend the class?

Currently there are classes at Club Bellevue in Zurich, Switzerland and soon, you can also attend classes online.

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